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Listing the SQL Server SysAdmins With PowerShell

A very short blog today just to pass on this little script.

I was required to list all of the SysAdmins across a large estate. Obviously I turned to PowerShell πŸ™‚

I iterated through my server list collection and then created a server SMO object and used the EnumServerRoleMembers method to display all of the sysadmin members


This will work on SQL2000 – SQL2012. You can see how you can easily change the rolename in the script to enumerate other server roles.

Another way you could do it is to use the query

SELECT c.name AS Sysadmin_Server_Role_Members
FROM sys.server_principals a
INNER JOIN sys.server_role_members b
ON a.principal_id = b.role_principal_id AND a.type = 'R' AND a.name ='sysadmin'
INNER JOIN sys.server_principals c
ON b.member_principal_id = c.principal_id

and pass that with Invoke-SQLCMD through to every server (if you had to use Powershell πŸ™‚ ). That query won’t work with SQL 2000 though

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