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Use Jupyter Notebooks to Help People on StackOverFlow

I am sat in the PowerShell Saturday in Hamburg. You can see me on the right of this picture writing my previous blog post!

@JanDamaschke spricht über Asynchrones Logging in #powershell mit Classes und Runspaces (https://twitter.com/hhpsug?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) #pssaturday

— Christoph Burmeister (@chrburmeister) February 22, 2020

I was talking with my friend Mathias Jessen @IISResetMe on Twitter about notebooks and he said that another great use case was to use them on Stack OverFlow

Now Mathias is an active answerer on Stack OverFlow

and he puts a lot of effort into writing his answers, formatting them, including code and results. Basically exactly the same as a Notebook. However, with a Notebook, you can enable people to run the code as well on their own machines.

Mathias says he will use notebooks to help people when he answers their PowerShell questions on Stack OverFlow. If you are a Stack OverFlow Answerer then you can too.

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