Featured image of post Email Subject - Congratulations On Your MVP Award - #MVPBuzz

Email Subject - Congratulations On Your MVP Award - #MVPBuzz


I never take it for granted and again I am humbled and indeed honoured (*) to again receive the MVP Award for my contributions in

  • Data Platform
  • Cloud and Datacenter Management

What did I do last year ?

You can see most of it on my public MVP profile Here is a summary

  • 18 sessions at conferences including SQLBits, PSCOnfEU, PASS Summit, Data Scotland, Data Grillen, PSConfEU MiniCon, PSDayUK, South Coast Summit
  • 6 sessions for User Groups - in person and remote
  • Conference Organising Committee member for SQLBits, PSConfEU and PSDayUK
  • Mentoring of new speakers
  • Open Source Projects Contributions - Microsoft projects, dbatools, dbachecks, Data Saturdays, Call For Data Speakers

also some other things that I cannot talk about, normally related to feedback about new products or functionality to Microsoft Product Groups

What does it change?


It will make absolutely no difference to the things that I do to help and assist the technical communities that I am a part of. I will continue to help to organise events, to speak at events, to blog, to be a part of the open-source community. I will carry on mentoring speakers, event organisers, other community members as they request it.

I will continue to be vocal and supportive of people who are not like me. I will stand up and call out discrimination. I will assist events with code of conducts. I will challenge micro-aggressions that are faced, particularly by women. I will make it normal to talk about these things and help people to understand and acknowledge that they exist and what can be done to reduce them.

I will continue to not take myself seriously, to wear fun outfits and allow myself to be the focus of comedy.

I hope to have many more photos taken of me, like this one


where I am giving a keynote at the PowerShell Conference Europe dressed in a rainbow suit and talking about how to communicate with other people appropriately


Thank you to all of the people who make this happen, to those that support me and challenge me and let me work alongside them to do amazing things.

  • Sorry Aleksandar but it’s true :-)
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